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Robert Pasternak is a multifaceted designer with expertise in graphic and web design, illustration, promotion, and print media.


Art Direction and Illustration:


Publishing:  New York Times, Newsday, Scholastic Publications, Macmillan/McGraw Hill Publishers, Houghton Mifflin Publishers, Science Digest Magazine, Ziff Davis Publications, PC Magazine, PC Tech Magazine, Book of the Month Club, Oxford University Press, Golden Books Publishing


Television/Film:  CBS, USA Network, ESPN Network, MGM/UA Entertainment

Advertising:  BBD&O, Ogilvy and Mather Adv., Y&R Adv., Backer Speilvogel Bates Adv., Grey Advertising Corporations: Citibank, Ernst & Young Design Studios: Notovitz Design, Kauftheil/Rothschild Design, RKC! Communications, nVision Design, Streamline Graphics / Sony / Cisco and many others.


Artist Statement:  My drawings and paintings reflect a lifelong fascination with the natural sciences and objects that hold a spiritual significance for me.  Inspired by the complexity, patterns, and geometry found in nature, my paintings are visual poems referencing symbolic objects that tell a story with shapes, patterns, and surface textures. In the Japanese tradition of Wabi-sabi, my work focuses on the acceptance of the transient and perfection of imperfection.


High resolution picture files are available for purchase.


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